Focus on new skills for new roles

'Focus on Biosimilars' explores some of the key questions associated with unlocking the potential benefits of biosimilar medicines in the NHS. 

The UK has been prominent in developing the field of metabolic phenotyping and has pioneered the application of large-scale metabolic phenotyping in epidemiology and clinical medicine. 

This e-learning training program is designed to enhance current capacity for practical utilisation of this technology by transferring knowledge in an efficient manner to those with limited time availability, including NHS clinicians and research personnel. 

Within this e-learning environment, course material comprises short (5-15 minute) modules covering basic steps that are important for conducting metabolic profiling studies. This starts with an introduction to metabolic phenotyping, followed by selecting the appropriate study design, choosing the right analytical platform, multivariate statistical analysis through to biomarker identification strategies.

We hope that you find this course interesting and useful. If you would like to receive further training please get in touch with us here: If you are interested in performing a metabolic phenotyping study and you would like to work with us, please get in touch with us here and we will help you with your experimental design and analysis strategy.